Practically Perfect

Mother and Child

It is not unusual for a photographer to see a random spot and daydream about doing a shoot at that location. It’s how I have ended up in drainage ditches and such. (The pictures were fabulous from those sessions, btw.)

This session is a culmination of months of looking all starry eyed at the way light filtered through overgrown trees and brush around an old stone house that is next door to the home of some friends. The house actually belongs to a family member of our friends and they had let me shoot there before with one of my daughters. But there was something different in the way I was seeing the spot this year and I just couldn’t stop thinking about what kind of session I could do there.

But I also had this idea of taking the opportunity of Mother’s Day this month to do something specific that would focus on mothers and daughters. It all clicked together and since Heather just happens to live next door to the stone house and she has a precious baby girl who just happens to be the only girl with three older brothers I thought my chances were pretty good that my daydream would become a reality. I was excited when Heather agreed and it was as close to what I imagined and practically as perfect as it could be.

The light…the lovely green of spring…the beautiful mama and the most adorable little girl. This is how people get hooked on photography, y’all. Baby girl was a little hesitant at first but even that made for a sweet picture.

She warmed up to me though. Isn’t she just the cutest?

The whole thing from start to finish lasted maybe forty minutes but things just kept getting better and better and I probably could have kept shooting. It was so hard to stop.

I mean, just look at that glorious light spilling over these two!

But then we walked around back of the little stone house and even though the light gave us a completely different look I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite from either side. We went from light and airy to rich and creamy smooth.

All in all it was incredibly satisfying and I was so dang happy with the results! A great big thank you to Heather and little Miss R for being in front of my camera.

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