The First Time

Mother and Child

I love being a photographer. Especially when I get to photograph different families that are part of one bigger family. On Tuesday I shared a mother and children session and I am delighted to be sharing a mother son session today from within that same family. The two sisters-in-law are married to brothers and the little guy today is just as adorable as his cousins, don’t you think?

I actually did their session first when the wildflowers were more in bloom which made for such a lovely background. I have been so looking forward to sharing these and now that they have been viewed and enjoyed by their recipients for Mother’s Day you can bask in all of the gorgeousness of a mother and son.

I have known this sweet mama’s husband for quite a long time and it has been such a joy getting to know her when they moved back here after meeting and marrying while he was in Idaho for college. She has the most pleasant and gentle demeanor and is also a very talented artist. Her watercolors are just beautiful!

Little man was a huge fan of the grass and as I was culling through the pictures I loved how his little toes were peeking through.

I haven’t had the opportunity to do many mother son sessions but this next image will probably remain one of my all time favorites no matter how many more I may take.

He was also happy to sit in mom’s lap and read a book. Just how precious is this?

Elisabeth Elliot once said of motherhood, “A woman knows that no one can really say where the giving ends and the receiving starts.” There is a paradoxical beauty in mothering…it is both gentle and strong, an emptying out and simultaneously, a filling up.

I have so enjoyed the last few weeks of photographing mothers with their children! This session was just a little extra special though. I loved being able to be a part of her having something tangible to send her own mother and grandmother to mark in some way the transition of moving from daughter and grandchild to mother herself.

2 thoughts on “The First Time

  1. I am so thankful Lizzie’s father, our son Chris, was so thoughtful to send these to us today. And, how blessed we are that you would have such precious subject matter. We know how beautiful mama Lizzie is, inside and out….and sincerely commend you for capturing the love that is within them both. I greatly enjoyed your commentary as well. Sincerely, Grandma Joanie


    1. Grandma Joanie, I think those are some of the sweetest words ever left on my blog…thank you! Lizzie is truly a delight and we are so thankful Collin brought her to us 🙂


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