Happy Birthday, Ansel!

First Birthday

Can you believe this little man is one year old today? Just a few weeks ago I was photographing him with his cousins and grandparents and watching him trying to get his feet under him. This past weekend I was chasing him around the yard so I guess he got this whole walking business figured out.

He has such a contagious smile and he looks pretty proud of himself, doesn’t he?

At first he wasn’t real sure what I was doing or why his favorite climbing toy was outside but he got into the spirit of things as our time wore on. It was a beautiful afternoon and he was happy to play.

There’s just something so adorable about little chubby toddler toes.

He was loving the climbing set but then the balloons arrived and my goodness, he was so excited!

He looks so much like his mama in this next picture! It was funny how depending on his expression or the way he moved how easily I could see both of his parents in his little face.

Once the balloons were out he was back and forth playing with them and climbing or playing with Dad.

All told I think he was having a great day and I know that today he will be rejoiced over and celebrated! Keep growing strong, lil’ man! You are loved.


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