Most Random Friday Favorite

Friday Favorites

Confession: I have literally picked out a piece of produce based purely upon its photographic potential.

What can I say? I really enjoy food photography. Not sure what to do with fabulous pictures of cherries and radishes and now corn, but I have some if anyone needs them!

Confession number two: this isn’t even the first time I have taken pictures of corn on the cob. I’m fascinated by focusing on the little details and I am amazed to see the science and magic visible in something as simple and common as a piece of corn.

Plus it is really just fun to me.

Do you know that corn is actually classified in the grass family? And while most plants that we grow could continue to survive in the wild without human assistance, that is not the case with corn. Human selection of seeds and growing methods over the last six thousand years means that the corn of today has very little resemblance to its humble ancestor. In fact our corn is about 1,000 times larger than the original plant and doesn’t look much the same at all.

The average cob of corn has about 800 kernels in roughly 16 rows. There is a strand of silk for every kernel too. And apparently cobs will always have an even number of rows.

A bushel of corn equals 8 gallons and that can be used to create 32 pounds of starch.

Except for Antarctica it is produced on every continent.

So, why am I giving you all of this random trivia on corn? Why do I even know all of this random trivia about corn? I’m glad you asked because a few weeks ago Rob and I had the opportunity to visit a sister church in Mississippi and one of their members had a truck full of corn available for anyone who wanted some. We brought a bagful home and the family that was hosting us for lunch also got some to throw on the grill to go with our lunch.

And I am not kidding when I say it was the best corn I had ever eaten in my life! Sweet and delicious. But what really made the afternoon lunch experience was this nifty little gadget.

Behold, the corn zipper.

I love fresh corn but it makes my teeth hurt and can be so messy. Confession number three: I usually have Rob cut it off the cob for me. That might be why he saw this little guy in action and immediately got on Amazon and ordered one for us. It is simple to use but does have a wee bit of a learning curve to it. Which made it quite fun when we used it at home for the first time when some friends were over. There was a lot of laughter as corn shot across the table until the right amount of pressure was figured out.

There you go. Today’s Friday favorite can help you impress your friends with your wide range of trivia knowledge and make you enjoy this summer’s cookouts more.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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