Project 365 ~ Week 9

365 Project

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February 2021

365 Project

And just like that, February is over and we turned the calendar to March. I am really pleased with the images for the month though! It does mess with my head a little to be posting some of these knowing in a couple of days I will be also posting them in the weekly post. I like things neat and in order and I am the one who choose to include a monthly slideshow so I guess I will just be living with it 🙂

January 2021

365 Project

Not gonna lie or be coy, I am pretty stinking proud of myself for having the first month of my first 365 under my belt without missing a single day. Not sure how long I will be able to keep that up but for now, it feels good. Even better, I actually really like all of the images, some more than others, but still not a shot I wouldn’t be okay with showing people and saying I took it.

I do a weekly post of images but at the end of each month I plan to post a wrap up video.

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. ~ Aaron Rose

The Dunhams


In all my years of doing photography I do not think I have ever enjoyed photographing a family more than the Dunhams. The first time I did their pictures it was through the school our kids attend and it was way back around 2012 or something. I’m not exactly sure of the year but I know I was taller than the boys and that is definitely not the case these days!

Not only do we laugh a lot at their sessions but I also love how the grandparents join us. This year only one grandmother could be there and they requested this special photo. It turned out pretty cute I think.

She’s such a tiny little thing, isn’t she?

Another photo that we did is one that we repeat every time we do pictures. It started the very first year and just became a tradition.

My goodness, how those cute little faces have grown into handsome young men! But the same sense of humor has carried through the years for sure.

They really are a precious family and I am already looking forward to the next time we do pictures.

At The Corner of Gimble and Palafox

almost wordless Wednesday

I like arriving a little early to a location for a shoot. I enjoy having the few minutes to just relax and be ready. Saturday I had a session and arrived a bit earlier than I normally do so while I was sitting in the car I noticed the contrast of the building across the street from me and the beautiful clear sky.

I realized it was a really pretty corner. So I decided that every time someone walked past this pretty little corner I would take a picture. A sort of stationary street photography, if you will. My daughter who was with me seemed to think this was kinda creepy but I’m guessing my fellow photographers would totally understand.

If I get the opportunity I believe I just might park at some other random corner and take pictures of the street scenes that pass my way.

I realize that what originally drew my eye, as I mentioned, were the sharp angles of the building contrasting against the blue sky and three of the four images I am sharing are black and white but they just lent themselves so nicely to the colorless documentary look.

I did get one shot in color that I just loved. Her coat is just something extra, isn’t it? I love it.