Such a Doll

Little Ones

I love photographing children. I am fascinated by how their little minds work and I love it when they are free to just be themselves during a session. I had been wanting to photograph my friend’s granddaughter for months and I was so happy when we finally managed to make it happen.

We had talked about using apples in the pictures but when she got to my house her little autumn outfit was so adorable I just had grab the pumpkins off my porch. Isn’t she just the cutest?

I swapped out the pumpkins for apples while her Honey (don’t you love that grandmother name?) changed her outfit. She clearly enjoyed the pumpkins but she loved the apples.

I don’t usually go for prop heavy pictures but when photographing little people, especially when it is just them by themselves, it is nice to have something for them to interact with. Autumn lends itself really nicely to natural and colorful things to incorporate into the pictures without being too fussy.

I give very little direction and prefer to just photograph them doing what they do and enjoying themselves. Little Miss C looked like she could be selling apples. She clearly knows how to pick out the best ones!

She also loves to sing and dance so once she put on her chicken dress how could we not do the chicken dance or sing Old McDonald?

Her baby sister arrived a little bit sooner than expected which meant Miss C was spending a little bit more time hanging out with her Honey. Which is why I got to spend more time with her and she is full of such sweet spunk and it was just a delight to get her in front of my camera. I have known her mother for years and it is clear that this sweet little apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

She truly is a beautiful child and I cannot wait to see what an amazing young woman she becomes!

Lucy’s Fruit Bath

Little Ones

Confession time: I was not super excited about this session. Don’t get me wrong, I was super happy to get to see my niece and her sweet baby girl but I was more than a little hesitant about the kind of pictures Taylor wanted for Lucy.

Pinterest has been overrun with milk bath sessions and to be totally honest, I hadn’t seen any that made me want to rush out and try my hand at it. And adding glitter? Yeah, no. So when my niece asked if I would be willing to do a fruit bath I was skeptical. What weighed in her favor was one, I love her and Lucy and two, she just wanted us to use water and fruit.

And Oh.My.Goodness. I love everything about how the pictures turned out! The colors are just beautiful and she was as happy as a baby sitting in a tub full of fruit could be. Apparently she us a big fan of strawberries.

She didn’t mind the oranges either!

And what’s not to love about that sweet smile and those beautiful blue eyes?

All told, I am still not sure about the whole milk bath thing but bring on all the baby fruit bath sessions! I want some more of this in front of my camera. Lucy highly recommends them too.

Sweet Lucy Lou, Aunt Marty sure is glad you made this so fun!