Something New


One of the things I love about photography is the ability to get as creative as I can and want, whether in camera or during post. I don’t do a whole lot to my pictures after the fact because I feel strongly about maintaining the integrity of what I have photographed however, there is a time and place for the sort of manipulation that happens with the click of a mouse. But that is probably a discussion for another day and I want to talk about some in camera magic.

Now, there are all kinds of things you can do with a camera in camera that have to do with the way an image is captured…dealing with the exposure and light and color, etc. And there are different sorts of lenses that do some way funky things because of design features that allow you to create some pretty cool optics. I have seen some amazing images taken with a Lensbaby and would love to play around with one but they come with a rather hefty price tag too.

But there are also things that give you the freedom to get creative that are surprisingly not expensive. Freelensing is what happens when you disconnect your lens from the camera body and instead hold it while you shoot through it. It makes for some dream like photographs and is pretty hard to nail without practice. I enjoy something called reverse lens macro. You remove the lense, flip it around and get really close to your subject and shoot through it. It’s a pretty neat effect.

I don’t go in much for trendy or gimmicky but I had seen this other fun way to play with an image as you take it that I wanted to try and man, I had fun! You shoot through a copper pipe and it adds some color tone changes and interesting textures and also isolates your focus a little bit. I know, I know, I am geeking out a bit and some of you are just like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, are you going to show us any pictures or not?”

Good news…I am! And hopefully you will enjoy them even if you scratch your head a bit and say something like, “These are pretty but I don’t get the pipe thing.” But that’s okay! I enjoyed the process and you can enjoy the end result, deal?

I can’t wait to try it out while taking a portrait but this time I used my oh, so lovely and uber cooperative African violet.

Isn’t it so dramatic looking? I loved the way the threads on the inside of the pipe created this spiral effect.

I also loved how it toned down the light and helped narrow the focus a bit.

Okay, that’s enough for now but you can expect to see more fun shots with the copper pipe in the future. For now, I have some fabulous family pictures from last week to get ready to share with you later this week and I am really looking forward to a session tonight with a family that will include some watermelon goodness and a really cute one year old.

Have a happy Monday, y’all, and try something new!

Study of a Rose


Back in March I had a macro lens for a few days and enjoyed looking at a rose from various angles. I loved the fact that the edges had already started to wilt a little. I feel like it gives some character to the flower in much the way wrinkles can make for a more interesting face.

Truthfully, roses are not one of my favorite flowers. Not for any particular reason and even as I write this I look around and notice two vases in my house full of little miniature breeds. They have their own sort of loveliness though and yellow roses always make me think of my grandmother.

What about you? Are roses a particular favorite or some other flower?



And welcome to my photography blog.

I was given my first real camera on my thirtieth birthday (almost twenty years ago!) with instructions from my husband to read the manual and take lots of pictures. Part of that advice I think he may have later regretted given as it was still film back in those days. I started just with taking pictures of my children but my fascination with capturing details and special moments grew. As my ability improved so did opportunities to share my hobby with others and soon I was taking pictures for other people.

My family was young though and photography stayed a side hustle until one day I just set the camera down and walked away from it. Everyone likes a cheap photographer and everyone really loves a cheap photographer who has a certain amount of skill. I had never done photography for the money but suddenly I was way too busy, taking way too much time away from my family, with very little to show for it. So I quit. After picking up the camera daily for fifteen years I went months without even taking mine out of the bag. Things stayed that way for almost two years until I had the opportunity to do some work for my very talented friend AJ of Amy Jo Original Hats. The magic of looking through a viewfinder and creating an image bubbled inside me. One thing led to another and my husband and I were having serious conversations about whether I should get back into it and establish myself as a business. I knew I couldn’t do it like before though and that meant I needed to come to terms with not just enjoying taking pictures but charging fair value for the talent and skill I have worked to develop behind the camera.

What I have learned is that I really love taking pictures.

I love photographing multigenerational families and seeing what the love of two people has wrought in this world.

Getting that special moment between parents and a new baby delights my heart.


And, while I have only done about five of them, capturing all of the emotion and wonder of a birth takes my breath away every.single.time.

Seniors have a special place in my heart because they are at such a unique time in their lives…eager and a little nervous about what lies ahead for them as they close one chapter of life and move into another.

The list could go on and on of the people and things I love photographing. Did I mention working with other small business owners for professional portraits and product photography?

Or fine art florals? Food? Because I have a picture of a radish that will knock your socks off.

The tag line on my blog is, “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is” and I believe if we have people to love and are loved, if we are able to create and share beauty in the normal everyday of life, then our reality is very rich indeed. So whether I am sharing pictures of moments special to someone or images that make you look at the common and ordinary, my desire is to cause you to see your life with a deeper appreciation for its beauty.

Because being behind the camera has shown me how rich the reality of my life is. I am looking forward to sharing that with you and possibly capturing those images that show you just how rich your reality is as well.