We Go Way Back

throwback Thursday

Man, I thought last week’s throwback post was a sweet stroll down memory lane! But on Tuesday I did family pictures from some dear friends and decided I would look back at pictures I have done with them over the years and oh my goodness, it was so fun to remember all these times!

The first time I photographed anyone in the Stout family was also the first time I was surprising someone with pictures. I approached the kids about doing pictures as a gift for my friend Mary on Mother’s Day. That was way back in 2008 and they were just the cutest bunch of kiddos! Heather and Patricia, the twins, are the oldest, next is Alice, and Jerry is the baby of the family.

And this is where I needed to double check my dates while I was writing this blogpost. Because I was looking at those pictures and the next thing I photographed was Heather’s bridals. Three years makes a huge difference in the life of someone. HUGE.

I mean seriously. Those first pictures would have been taken about the time the twins turned seventeen. Three years later I would have photographed Heather’s bridal portraits and then her and Sean’s wedding.

Crazy, isn’t it? In June of 2012 I did family pictures before Patricia moved away and I think Sean and Heather moved to Dallas, maybe?

It was funny to me as I looked at the pictures how I could suddenly remember that day clear as could be. That is what makes pictures important I think. The ability to call up moments that happened so long ago but seem like they happened yesterday. It was also the last time I had the whole immediate family in front of my camera. Alice would graduate not long after we took these pictures and her class was the first time I did senior class pictures. All five seniors. (The perks of being in a small classical Christian school.) She was also the only girl in the class. Those were good times.

Alice moved to Idaho for college, joining Patricia who had since married and I cannot remember which came first on these next pictures. I want to say it was the family pictures but I might be wrong and it was the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Stout. Which was amazing because the family was able to pull off a huge surprise party without them knowing a single thing about it until they got there.

Also, by 2014 Heather and Patricia both added sweet babies to the family fold. (There are now ten grandchildren with number eleven on the way.)

Jerry graduated and moved to Idaho and then on January 1, 2016 Alice came home and got married.

The next time she was in front of my camera it was a year and a half later and I was photographing her son.

I love doing pictures for the same family over the years and watching them grow! I am looking forward to sharing some of the pictures from Tuesday’s session with almost all of the family. I have my fingers crossed that maybe one day everything will come together and I can do pictures of the whole family. I don’t know when that might happen but I am keeping my camera batteries charged!


It’s The Week of Edgar Throwback Thursday!

families, The Week of Edgar

On Monday I mentioned that I have been photographing the Edgar for family for about a decade now. Their family has grown (and so have my photography skills!) and getting this post together was so fun as I looked back over the years.

I really feel like I did a family session of the original four Edgar’s but maybe not since I cannot find them so my throwback post is is starting with the earliest pictures I could find…engagement and wedding pictures.

When Jeff and Alicia had their first baby I was just getting into newborn sessions with only a little experience. I remember the first picture I took of Leah because it was the first time the first image was a keeper and I knew it. There has never been a time since that I have photographed that child and been disappointed. She is always so pleasant and cooperative and of course, so pretty.

When she was a little older and Uncle Chris was getting married she was part of the wedding party. So was Aunt Zena’s family dog and the two hit it off really well.

Not long after the wedding Leah’s new baby sister arrived and I am so disappointed to not be able to find those pictures. There is the sweetest shot of Leah kissing Anna’s little newborn head but a few months later we did do family pictures with Mom’s family and we got this sweet moment.

Aren’t they just the cutest? And as you could see from Monday’s post their little brother and cousin just add to the cute factor. Just wait until you see Mr Ethan’s birthday doughnut session tomorrow as we wrap up our week of Edgar!

It’s a Family Thing

First Birthday

Cute little Lucy from Tuesday’s post has a big sister and it just so happens that I did a fruit themed session for her when she turned one a couple of years ago. I figured her adorable pictures would make for a great follow up post perfect for throwback Thursday.

Using fruit is such a wonderful alternative to a cake smash and watermelon in particular makes for a very tasty photo prop. Apparently my niece loved watermelon during her pregnancy and sure enough, when Kya got big enough to eat food she also loved it. (I had this same experience with my oldest child…only chocolate milk and hot dogs, so, umm, not quite as healthy but samesies.)

She was so stinking cute! Especially when she discovered that the bucket could function as a drum.

Over the years I have done more than a few cake smashes and it is always surprising to me how many of the babies cry when they’re given the cake. Obviously, some babies just go all in but that has not always been my experience. I’ve done several watermelon themed ones though and they always love it. Like, love love it.

She needed no prompting to enjoy that sweet juicy deliciousness.

I cannot imagine what their mama can possibly come up with to top this sweet first birthday and Lucy’s own six month fruit bath session. But I am looking forward to it!

Darling Frank


Meet Franklin. Isn’t he just the cutest? His old man hairline is just the best!

He wasn’t too interested in having his picture taken but the ones we did capture show off his sweet little self to perfection.

This shot is probably one of my favorites and it is more of an accident. Mama had reached over to soothe him and it just looked so sweet to me I couldn’t delete it.

His mother is so crafty and talented and I loved the blanket she made while she was pregnant with him. It’s so pretty and he certainly wears it well.

For the record, his mama is the photoshop wizard I referenced in my last post. If you didn’t see the picture I am talking about you should check it out. It’s pretty hilarious and features one of Franklin’s big sisters.

Happy Monday, y’all!

Cuteness Times Two


Last week was busy but so good, y’all! It boggles my mind how easily I slipped back into the habit of shooting regularly and how much I missed it during the “safer-at-home” order. I’m not sure who was more excited for me to be able to get back to work though…me or my girls who let me practice with them over the last couple of weeks. I enjoyed taking their pictures but missed the variety of other faces and places. Regardless of who was more excited, I was happy to still observe some social distancing and follow safety guidelines but still do a few sessions.

I was a little nervous because it has been a hot minute since I did a newborn session, much less twins. Also, the ideal time for newborn pictures is typically during the first ten days but thanks to covid-19 these sweet little babies are a wee bit older than that. But it actually was so much fun and I am grateful for dear friends who let me be part of their baby journey.

When I first got into newborns I loved the work I saw by other photographers who used props and cutesy stuff but I found that that style didn’t really suit me. I like to keep things simple, and moving forward hope to branch more into lifestyle home sessions. For a variety of reasons K and G came to my house though and it was just such sweet time!

They are only the third set of twins I have ever photographed and my first to be both sexes. Oddly enough the other two sets were both boys. Mama came ready to be in a few pictures and we captured some precious moments of her with each one of them. I loved how their individual portraits turned out as well.

Through much of the session one baby would be awake while the other slept. Mom said that was typical of life with them and by the time baby girl woke up little man was plumbed tuckered out.

I cannot even begin to imagine what life must be like with two newborns but Mom and Dad are taking it all in stride. I loved getting the opportunity to take a picture of mom having a quiet moment with each of them. Sometimes moments like those get lost in the chaos of doing life.

Someone once said that “so many good things come in pairs, like ears, socks and panda bears. But, best of all are the set of twins, with extra laughter, double grins” and it really must be true because there was twice the delight in photographing these little ones.