Grand Greats


I always think doing pictures are a good idea whether it be to document a special occasion, as a surprise gift, or just because. When it is a gift it can be difficult because I have to wait to share them. It is even harder when it’s my niece’s babies and they are just so cute! But Father’s Day has passed so now I can finally post a few of my favorites.

Somebody please tell me how these kids grow up so fast?

Their mama is the firstborn of my sisters’ children and I can still remember holding her for the first time. It’s a little surreal to be photographing her kiddos. I had to look up exactly what term is used to describe their relationship to me and it seems that both grand or great are equally correct…as in my grand niece or great nephew.

That first grandnephew of mine was more interested in being a crocodile than taking a picture with his sister and brother and this outtake just made me laugh. Especially because of Miss Jae’s expression.

He didn’t mind getting into the spirit of things for his own pictures though.

And oh my goodness, she did just fine in front of the camera all on her own.

And the littlest mister was not about to be outdone in the cuteness contest.

While Mr. E was not too thrilled at the idea of a sibling shot his brother and sister didn’t seem to mind. I love how these two are so sweet together.

After we did pictures we went over by the brand new splash pad that opened at the park and E had a bit of fun in the water. I loved this picture of him that finished out our time together. Such a classic summer picture, don’t you think?

Mothering Little Ones

Mother and Child

For those of you who don’t know I am mother to five children. My oldest was born in 1995 and my youngest was born in 2006. The three middle children were born in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Yep, you read that correctly. I was pregnant three years in a row. As you can imagine the first five years of new millennium are sorta hazy to me. Parenting little ones is not for the faint of heart and requires a continuous watchful eye else the natives will stage a coup.

These dear friends of ours work with much grace, patience, and love to tend their young children and consequently they are a delight to be around. And the consequence of the consequently is this session was just so enjoyable! I had to wait to share their images because they were making their way to the homes and hearts of a couple of grandmothers but Mother’s Day has passed and I can finally put a few of my favorites here on the blog.

I have so enjoyed shooting at this particular field of wildflowers this year and although we did these on the tail end of the blooming season we had just enough color to make for a pretty landscape. I think the pretty flowers came in second place to the wild blackberries the kids picked and ate though. Regardless, the smiles were as plentiful as the berries and the pictures turned out just so lovely!

Whenever I do family sessions I try to make sure that among the group portraits I include smaller groupings as well. Individuals and just the siblings, just mom and dad, girls only and boys only, etc. This is probably one of my most favorite sibling images I have ever captured. Such beautiful children and since I know them personally I can tell you they really are a joy to be around.

I have three of my own so sister pictures have a special place in my heart. And honestly, have you ever seen so much beautiful hair?

And while I may not have brothers how can you look at these and not feel your heart flutter at the handsomeness?

The afternoon was so perfect with gorgeous light and happy cooperative subjects…it’s the kind of thing photographers dream about.

Dad is not pictured since these were part of my mother and child series but he is a teacher at my girl’s school. He and his lovely wife also run Fox’s Farmstead and it has been so interesting watching and learning about how they raise pastured animals and grow such an abundant garden. Right now they are raising chickens that will produce a clean high quality meat and soon you will be able to purchase them since they do sell to the public. They also have an abundance of goats and egg laying hens, and even a peacock and maybe a goose still hanging around. They practice regenerative farming and if nothing else you should check out their facebook page and see the amazing before and after photos of prepping their pasture land.

True story: last year they were raising pigs and since baby pigs are cute everytime people were over they wanted to see them. And they all came back talking about how these pigs smelled like maple syrup. I was skeptical but went on a pig smelling quest on one of my visits and sure enough, the big ol’ fat pigs did indeed smell like maple syrup! Apparently fat happy pigs who have plenty of room to roam give off the scent of syrup. Who knew?

Cuteness Times Two


Last week was busy but so good, y’all! It boggles my mind how easily I slipped back into the habit of shooting regularly and how much I missed it during the “safer-at-home” order. I’m not sure who was more excited for me to be able to get back to work though…me or my girls who let me practice with them over the last couple of weeks. I enjoyed taking their pictures but missed the variety of other faces and places. Regardless of who was more excited, I was happy to still observe some social distancing and follow safety guidelines but still do a few sessions.

I was a little nervous because it has been a hot minute since I did a newborn session, much less twins. Also, the ideal time for newborn pictures is typically during the first ten days but thanks to covid-19 these sweet little babies are a wee bit older than that. But it actually was so much fun and I am grateful for dear friends who let me be part of their baby journey.

When I first got into newborns I loved the work I saw by other photographers who used props and cutesy stuff but I found that that style didn’t really suit me. I like to keep things simple, and moving forward hope to branch more into lifestyle home sessions. For a variety of reasons K and G came to my house though and it was just such sweet time!

They are only the third set of twins I have ever photographed and my first to be both sexes. Oddly enough the other two sets were both boys. Mama came ready to be in a few pictures and we captured some precious moments of her with each one of them. I loved how their individual portraits turned out as well.

Through much of the session one baby would be awake while the other slept. Mom said that was typical of life with them and by the time baby girl woke up little man was plumbed tuckered out.

I cannot even begin to imagine what life must be like with two newborns but Mom and Dad are taking it all in stride. I loved getting the opportunity to take a picture of mom having a quiet moment with each of them. Sometimes moments like those get lost in the chaos of doing life.

Someone once said that “so many good things come in pairs, like ears, socks and panda bears. But, best of all are the set of twins, with extra laughter, double grins” and it really must be true because there was twice the delight in photographing these little ones.