A Few Favorites

Friday Favorites

It’s time for Friday Favorites! Sometimes the pictures come from a session I might have done recently but when I did one of the first ever FF posts it was actually cell phone pictures of things I saw at Target that I really liked. Sometimes it has been a group of images from a trip we took back in the good ol’ days when one could take trips. I like keeping the theme loose and broad though so I am not all boxed in. Because, ya know, I am a free spirit like that. (Said typed totally tongue in cheek. I really just like the alliteration of Friday Favorites.)

Anyways…I have a couple of images to share today that really are favorites of mine for various reasons. It might not be an easily articulated reason, like with this first shot, but I just feel something when I see it. I think it is a combination of a sweet little girl, a baby brother’s chubby little foot, and the way you don’t see mama’s face. It seems to capture the essence of motherhood to me.

With the girls back in school I have had some time to play around with some photography tricks. I have known that my camera is capable of in camera double exposures but I had never done any before. Definitely something I want to practice more but I was happy with my first results even as I recognize there is more for me to learn in how to do it. There is a certain art and science to layering your images just right that I need to master. I’m not above sharing my fledgling first attempts just don’t judge them too harshly, m’kay?

I thought my best one is a double exposure with some flowers and Abby. Not your typical portrait but I was concentrating on remembering where I had lined up the first shot to have it lay well with the second image. Not perfect but a good beginning to the experiment.

Another way to achieve different effects with an image is to add a texture or overlay in post processing. I had so much fun setting this shot up and editing it and really love the way it turned out. All three times I edited the image. (I feel like I should insert a smiley winky face or eye roll here so you know that I know how silly that sounds. But I feel like using emoticons in a blog post is bad form.) The upshot is I realize it seems a little ridiculous to share the exact same image three ways but I like each of them for different reasons. But the top one is my favorite I think.

One last picture. We have a large bathroom window made from those square blocks of glass. I love the light it gives the room (and it makes a great home for my African violet!) but yesterday morning it was the top corner of the sunrise coming through the curtain that caught my eye. All warm and golden, the dawn creeping in seemed hopeful somehow. Peaceful.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends. Look for beauty in the normal places you would not normally look for it in. I bet you will find it.

Something New


One of the things I love about photography is the ability to get as creative as I can and want, whether in camera or during post. I don’t do a whole lot to my pictures after the fact because I feel strongly about maintaining the integrity of what I have photographed however, there is a time and place for the sort of manipulation that happens with the click of a mouse. But that is probably a discussion for another day and I want to talk about some in camera magic.

Now, there are all kinds of things you can do with a camera in camera that have to do with the way an image is captured…dealing with the exposure and light and color, etc. And there are different sorts of lenses that do some way funky things because of design features that allow you to create some pretty cool optics. I have seen some amazing images taken with a Lensbaby and would love to play around with one but they come with a rather hefty price tag too.

But there are also things that give you the freedom to get creative that are surprisingly not expensive. Freelensing is what happens when you disconnect your lens from the camera body and instead hold it while you shoot through it. It makes for some dream like photographs and is pretty hard to nail without practice. I enjoy something called reverse lens macro. You remove the lense, flip it around and get really close to your subject and shoot through it. It’s a pretty neat effect.

I don’t go in much for trendy or gimmicky but I had seen this other fun way to play with an image as you take it that I wanted to try and man, I had fun! You shoot through a copper pipe and it adds some color tone changes and interesting textures and also isolates your focus a little bit. I know, I know, I am geeking out a bit and some of you are just like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, are you going to show us any pictures or not?”

Good news…I am! And hopefully you will enjoy them even if you scratch your head a bit and say something like, “These are pretty but I don’t get the pipe thing.” But that’s okay! I enjoyed the process and you can enjoy the end result, deal?

I can’t wait to try it out while taking a portrait but this time I used my oh, so lovely and uber cooperative African violet.

Isn’t it so dramatic looking? I loved the way the threads on the inside of the pipe created this spiral effect.

I also loved how it toned down the light and helped narrow the focus a bit.

Okay, that’s enough for now but you can expect to see more fun shots with the copper pipe in the future. For now, I have some fabulous family pictures from last week to get ready to share with you later this week and I am really looking forward to a session tonight with a family that will include some watermelon goodness and a really cute one year old.

Have a happy Monday, y’all, and try something new!