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On The Side of the Road

Friday Favorites

I make no secret of the fact that autumn is my favorite season. I enjoy the crispness of winter, spring’s new beginning, and the beach is my happy place but fall just gets me with the colors and sense of coziness.

And the autumn wildflowers we have around here? Absolutely beautiful.

We may have to wait until along about December to see much change in the color of our foliage but autumn still puts on quite a show for us.

It has been said that autumn is more a season of the soul than of nature and I like that. I feel that. Spring feels like the whole earth is coming back to life. But fall…that feels like my soul is quieting down and preparing for rest in some sense.

The colors are warmer with a little bit darker hue.

And I love the wild tangle of flowers along the side of the road.

I have to agree with LM Montgomery, I am indeed so glad that I live in a world with Octobers. Aren’t you?

A Few of My Favorite Things

Friday Favorites

Since earlier in the week I talked about pictures of random things I decided that today’s Friday Favorite post is just going to be an oddball collection of images that have been photographed and are now sitting on my computer.

In no particular order, please enjoy the things that I have put in front of my camera.

My happy place. I love the beach and have a bunch of pictures to prove it.

Back before Covid19 life Rob and I would occasionally take a trip over to New Orleans where we would eat, walk, eat, and people watch, and did I mention eat? The food is so good there! I miss our little two night getaways and hope we get to go back soon. Most of these are cell phone grabs because I think Mr. Hadding might be wise to the fact that if I took my real camera I would be completely distracted and he would get stuck somewhere sitting on a bench waiting for me or just standing around carting my bag.

A lovely shot of a head of cabbage I took to be part of my food series.

I remember taking this picture last year of the Gulf Power plant. The sky was on fire that night.

Did you know I have a food blog? It doesn’t see consistent action these days but I still share the occasional recipe over at She Feeds Her Family. Last autumn I had the best time trying out a recipe for pumpkin pudding and styling pictures to post with the how-to.

I love rainy days and this has always been one of my favorite images.

Last favorite for the week…I have about a bazillion pictures of my African violet. It is such a happy plant with rich green leaves and delicate pink flowers so it’s hard not to photograph it. Kind of like Monet’s lilies I guess. (He painted 250 pictures in his lily series so I have a few more clicks before I reach that status. We don’t count the ones we don’t use.)

Anyway, I was pruning the flowers the other day and not for the first time realize how pretty even the discarded petals are.

“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour. ” ~ William Blake

Lady Lavender

Friday Favorites

I have a friend that lives waaaay on the other side of the country in Oregon. Oftentimes she sends me beautiful pictures that she has taken of all the glorious wildflowers that grow up there. Last Friday she invited me to like a facebook page and while I was elbow deep in preparation for a taco bar I just accepted it, noticed it had something to do with flowers, and went back to the food stuff.

The next morning I had the chance to actually look at the page and y’all, it just made my day. It was a flower truck business! A lavender 1964 Ford truck that had been converted into a mobile flower bar. I assumed it was local to Lauren and was so delighted to see that it was actually local to me! As in here in Pace, Florida as opposed to Joseph, Oregon.

If you know me at all then you know I love flowers in general and I love to photograph them. I also love quirky and fun small businesses and this just tickled my fancy! I immediately started daydreaming about all the ways this could be fun for pictures. I found where they would be on Monday and and reached out to see if they would be willing to to let me snap a few pictures and feature them on my Friday Favorites.

Things were already hopping when I arrived and Lindsay said she had barely gotten the flower buckets out before people were stopping to buy flowers. Prices vary from day to day depending on what her stock is but everything was fresh and colorful. She carries some unique and fun filler stems and bright cheery blooms.

She is as helpful and as hands on as you would like for her to be. She is willing to help talk you through what flowers go well together or she is happy to let you do your own thing. She has only been in business a little over a month but has some fabulous ideas about how to make the most of her mobile flower bar.

I love her idea of a bride and groom stocking the truck with blooms that match their wedding colors and allowing guests to create a small bouquet as a thank you. Or how about a lovely bridal brunch the morning before the wedding and the bridesmaids all get to create their bouquets? Birthday parties, tea parties. So much potential for such a fun and unique business!

Click on over to her Facebook page and start following her so you know where she will be and you can stop to make your own bouquet to brighten up your home. We have certainly enjoyed our flowers!

Study of a Rose


Back in March I had a macro lens for a few days and enjoyed looking at a rose from various angles. I loved the fact that the edges had already started to wilt a little. I feel like it gives some character to the flower in much the way wrinkles can make for a more interesting face.

Truthfully, roses are not one of my favorite flowers. Not for any particular reason and even as I write this I look around and notice two vases in my house full of little miniature breeds. They have their own sort of loveliness though and yellow roses always make me think of my grandmother.

What about you? Are roses a particular favorite or some other flower?