It’s a Family Thing

First Birthday

Cute little Lucy from Tuesday’s post has a big sister and it just so happens that I did a fruit themed session for her when she turned one a couple of years ago. I figured her adorable pictures would make for a great follow up post perfect for throwback Thursday.

Using fruit is such a wonderful alternative to a cake smash and watermelon in particular makes for a very tasty photo prop. Apparently my niece loved watermelon during her pregnancy and sure enough, when Kya got big enough to eat food she also loved it. (I had this same experience with my oldest child…only chocolate milk and hot dogs, so, umm, not quite as healthy but samesies.)

She was so stinking cute! Especially when she discovered that the bucket could function as a drum.

Over the years I have done more than a few cake smashes and it is always surprising to me how many of the babies cry when they’re given the cake. Obviously, some babies just go all in but that has not always been my experience. I’ve done several watermelon themed ones though and they always love it. Like, love love it.

She needed no prompting to enjoy that sweet juicy deliciousness.

I cannot imagine what their mama can possibly come up with to top this sweet first birthday and Lucy’s own six month fruit bath session. But I am looking forward to it!