At The Corner of Gimble and Palafox

almost wordless Wednesday

I like arriving a little early to a location for a shoot. I enjoy having the few minutes to just relax and be ready. Saturday I had a session and arrived a bit earlier than I normally do so while I was sitting in the car I noticed the contrast of the building across the street from me and the beautiful clear sky.

I realized it was a really pretty corner. So I decided that every time someone walked past this pretty little corner I would take a picture. A sort of stationary street photography, if you will. My daughter who was with me seemed to think this was kinda creepy but I’m guessing my fellow photographers would totally understand.

If I get the opportunity I believe I just might park at some other random corner and take pictures of the street scenes that pass my way.

I realize that what originally drew my eye, as I mentioned, were the sharp angles of the building contrasting against the blue sky and three of the four images I am sharing are black and white but they just lent themselves so nicely to the colorless documentary look.

I did get one shot in color that I just loved. Her coat is just something extra, isn’t it? I love it.

Worth The Wait


Sometimes the opportunity to photograph a family takes a little while to become a reality. Schedules can be hard to navigate and just finding the right time weather wise can make for a delay. Sometimes it can take years. That is exactly what happened with this sweet family. Lockett (cool name, right?) is a teacher at my girls’ school and we have talked in general about doing her family’s pictures, in passing, and in depth. Finally, last week everything came together and we made it happen.

And it was so much fun! I mean, at least, I had fun and at the end of our time together Dad said it was the least painful picture session they had ever had done and I am going to count that as a win and high praise.

Sometimes I am amazed how much kids have grown and changed when I look at them through the viewfinder on my camera. While my girls don’t have any classes with her boys our school is small and so I see them frequently but there is something about narrowing my field of view and I suddenly notice how much of young man her oldest has become and how her youngest has lost that little boyish babyness.

You know those boys are full of shenanigans and keep mom and dad on their toes! They were cracking me up photobombing a few of the pictures I was taking.

As I said, I really enjoyed my time with this sweet family and while I hate that it took us so long to make it finally I happen I loved having them in front of my camera. Lockett, be sure to let Chris know that next time will be even better 😉