A Little Bit Guernsey


So last week I shared a few throwback images of a sweet family I have been honored to photograph through the years. Today I am going to share just a few of my favorites from our recent family session and it may look a little bit odd and you might notice that it’s missing a family portrait. But trust me, we took one and it is precious but I cannot share it for the very best of reasons.

Since our last photo session when Miss Jojo turned one they have become a foster family! Right now they are loving on and caring for the cutest little peanut you have ever seen and it is so sweet to see this family embrace the heavy joy of caring for children who need a home. What a gift they offer by opening their home but also what a gift they receive in return for doing so.

The crazy thing is that right after they brought the little Peanut home they found out they were expecting and that was an amazing surprise in and of itself. Pregnancy is hard on mama and G and Jojo were both born very early and spent some time in NICU before coming home.

The newest little Guernsey stayed put safe and sound inside for longer than either one of her older siblings but not without some considerable help. These needles represent barely half of what mama took everyday during her pregnancy.

Pretty sure they all agree that she was worth it! She is their six pound wonder.

But can you imagine it? A brand new baby girl and a sweet nine month old? Life is very full but so are their hearts. And G-man and Jojo are old enough to be fabulous helpers I know.

One of my favorite things about shooting families is when the children get involved and start giving me ideas and places they want me to us while I photograph them. I really loved that G took me to the tree house he built for a few pictures. There was just something about this shot of him and Jojo that I love. It conjures up all sorts of Swiss Family Robinson nostalgia for me for some reason.

It was such a delightful morning spent with them and once again G captured my heart while holding his new baby sister. Such a tender moment, isn’t it?

I am looking forward to keeping up with them in the months and years ahead to see how God blesses this sweet family!

Cuteness Times Two


Last week was busy but so good, y’all! It boggles my mind how easily I slipped back into the habit of shooting regularly and how much I missed it during the “safer-at-home” order. I’m not sure who was more excited for me to be able to get back to work though…me or my girls who let me practice with them over the last couple of weeks. I enjoyed taking their pictures but missed the variety of other faces and places. Regardless of who was more excited, I was happy to still observe some social distancing and follow safety guidelines but still do a few sessions.

I was a little nervous because it has been a hot minute since I did a newborn session, much less twins. Also, the ideal time for newborn pictures is typically during the first ten days but thanks to covid-19 these sweet little babies are a wee bit older than that. But it actually was so much fun and I am grateful for dear friends who let me be part of their baby journey.

When I first got into newborns I loved the work I saw by other photographers who used props and cutesy stuff but I found that that style didn’t really suit me. I like to keep things simple, and moving forward hope to branch more into lifestyle home sessions. For a variety of reasons K and G came to my house though and it was just such sweet time!

They are only the third set of twins I have ever photographed and my first to be both sexes. Oddly enough the other two sets were both boys. Mama came ready to be in a few pictures and we captured some precious moments of her with each one of them. I loved how their individual portraits turned out as well.

Through much of the session one baby would be awake while the other slept. Mom said that was typical of life with them and by the time baby girl woke up little man was plumbed tuckered out.

I cannot even begin to imagine what life must be like with two newborns but Mom and Dad are taking it all in stride. I loved getting the opportunity to take a picture of mom having a quiet moment with each of them. Sometimes moments like those get lost in the chaos of doing life.

Someone once said that “so many good things come in pairs, like ears, socks and panda bears. But, best of all are the set of twins, with extra laughter, double grins” and it really must be true because there was twice the delight in photographing these little ones.