Friday Favorites

Over the last few months I have shared several post about Fox’s Farmstead and their regenerative farming and pastured chickens. You really should go follow their facebook page because they share some pretty interesting stuff.

They also have added something new. Que up Fox’s Farmstead: The Kids Edition. Of course when you have two brothers as industrious and hardworking as the McGee men the odds are their offspring will be as well. At the last butchering day the kids were selling peacock feathers, pretty rocks, and lemonade. It seems they wanted to do offer a little bit more than that at next weekend’s farm sale day so awhile back they got a new buck rabbit to breed with their doe rabbit and wouldn’t you know it, they have two cute little baby bunnies up for sale!

And let me tell you, these little guys are just the cutest!

Have you ever heard the phrase snugglebunny? Maybe it’s a southern thing or maybe it’s just a weird family thing but we’ve always used it to describe someone or something that likes to cuddle. Or I guess, makes you want to cuddle. As in, “He sure is a snugglebunny.” After watching the kids with these baby rabbits I have a deeper appreciation for the term. They would just close their eyes and lay back basking in all the affection.

Just look at those cute paws and his buck teeth! Three of my children saw these pictures and immediately asked if they could have a bunny. They really must make for the best pets even for young children. They’re so gentle.

I think he wants you to come get him and love him and make him your own snugglebunny, don’t you?

Puppy Love

Friday Favorites

You guys.

I got to take pictures of not one, but two, of the cutest goldendoodles this week! It was my first ever puppy shoot and oh, my goodness, it was just so fun and they are the cutest little things. They belong to some friends of ours whose daughter goes to University of Florida. This is important for you to know because I’m going to tell you my friends got a girl and a boy pup and get this…named them Allie and Gator! How fun is that?

While I had never done a puppy photoshoot before I have done children’s portraits before and let me tell ya, the things I have learned chasing around a newly mobile one year old or the mischievous preschooler had me in good stead. Basically, you just roll with it and follow them around and everyone had a really splendid time…they get to romp and play and I get to hang out with my friend and romp and play with two really fluffy uber cute puppies. Total win win.

We weren’t sure what to expect though so we did them each individually before trying to get shots of the two of them together.

We did Gator first and isn’t he just the most precious thing you have ever seen?

They apparently really enjoy playing in the grass and flower beds. He even played hide and seek with me.

I think he liked it because it was so much cooler tucked up in the shade. He would run around and play a bit and then promptly hop back into to the flowers and chew on the grass.

What was really funny was when he decided he was done with posing for pictures he went up onto the porch and just sat down.

Gator went back inside and Miss Allie made her photo shoot debut and she is just the sweetest thing! Her fur is a little bit lighter than her brothers but so very soft!

AJ (of Amy Jo Original Hats fame) had told me about this cute little quirk that Allie has of picking the flowers and holding them in her mouth for all the world like a pacifier so I could watch for it. I was hoping she would do it so I could get a picture and she did not disappoint me!

She liked to run and bounce around and get into the tall shady grass too.

There are moments when I am doing people pictures and I know, just know, that the subject and the light and everything all just came together and I got THE shot and wouldn’t you know it, the same thing happened with the puppy portraits. It reminds me of a portrait painted by the old school masters.

Once we had her pictures done we brought Gator out so the two could play. They were like two giant fur balls rolling around the yard.

They went right back up to the front door when they decided enough was enough.

They were plumb tuckered out from their morning in front of the camera. After getting some water they both went to their favorite sleeping corners and I couldn’t resist a couple more pictures. Apparently Gator sleeps with one leg resting up the wall.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this next image. There is another pup in the house and Miss Annabelle is a pretty little thing but only really tolerates enjoys the company of AJ and her mother. I asked how she was doing with the puppies and she doesn’t mind them at all and seems to enjoy their antics.

I don’t think my cats, Tom and Milo, would appreciate us getting a puppy and I know we aren’t in a place where we could give a puppy the attention they require but man, I sure had fun with these guys! Maybe I need to start advertising as a pet photographer?