You’ve Got Mail!

The Card Collection

“Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.” ~ Lord Byron

When is the last time you opened your mail box and found “happy” mail? I am not sure many of us even get our bills sent to us via the post office with the advent of electronic payment options and automatic withdrawals so it’s probably likely that you get a lot of junk mail.

But do you remember the last time you got something other than junk or bills? The little extra jolt of joy you felt upon seeing an envelope with handwritten words on the front? How special it was knowing someone had taken the time to write a letter or find and send a card and the sense of well being from knowing they had thought of you?

I’m hoping that I have made it that much easier for you to induce that good feeling in others by introducing a selection of greeting cards. Each professionally printed image has a beautiful metallic finish and is mounted on a decoratively embossed heavy weight linen textured card that measures 5×7. It is blank inside to allow you to personalize your message and comes with a matching envelope.

I enjoy sending cards and usually like different kinds instead of just the same thing when I am buying them so I created multiple sets of images. I feel like a mix and match option allows you to choose specific cards suitable to specific people in your life.

The Sunflower Collection

The Hydrangea Collection

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared some pictures I had taken of butterflies at Fox’s Farmstead? Well, let me tell you those made up some of the most beautiful cards I have ever made!

The Butterfly Collection

And of course the Beachcomber Collection

I saw a coffee cup recently that said, “I miss precedent times” and it made me laugh because of how often we hear the phrase unprecedented times right now and I understand why we’re hearing it. Most of us have. never experienced times such as what we are living in. But one thing that is constant is our need for connection. We are made to be in community with each other.

And I hope these cards will enable you to share some joy and happiness with the people you care about. To see the individual images you can go here. You can leave me a direct message on facebook to place an order or email me.

Looking forward to hearing from you as we brighten up someone’s day.